Monday, 4 May 2009

Returned home

Since Saturday i've returned home, leaving the beautiful freedom of a life without parents.
It's a part of my life that had a conclusion, i'm happy i had the possibility to live for 4 months away from home, but it was time to return into my family's nest. Now that i know how much is beautiful to manage my life, i want to run and finally reach my freedom.
Another positive note about my returning home is that i can manage better my shops: in only one day i redesigned my business cards, my labels (so that i don't have to print on a sheet, stick the labels on it and then print again with an orrible waste of ink, sheet and scotch, but only print one time directly on the labels!), sent to the new owner my Irish yellow necklace and crocheted this custom order:

Purple cotton with red Swarovsky cristals and sterling silver closure: it's just gorgeous :P
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