Tuesday, 5 May 2009


After i calculate my earning in this period, i realized that now i can spend some money around the net, with the consciousness that i have a business that allows me to buy some stuff for me! This thought is serotonin for my brain :)
So, i've bought an hippack from Tenthstreet: a beautiful fire red little belt bag made of vynil. The line is simple, and i adore it for this reason. Another desire that comes to reality is a self inking stamp, bought from Vistaprint: i choose the little free one for my recycled packages, and i'm wondering if i need some more stamps...i have the need of stamps ^^
Then, the other shopping was for supplies: i bought swarovsky bicone pendants, hair snaps, a lot of crochet cotton, jump rings...you will be delighted by my ideas! Only wait for the supplies to arrive at my home ;)
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