Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Here comes the new me!

Things are a little bit changed since the first "About me" post that i've written months ago.
So...Hi, i'm Erika, an Energy Engineer without a job.
After the degree lots of awful things happened to me. First, the rock band where i played the bass guitar kicked me off. I played in that band since december 2006, i'm really good playing rock but for misunderstunding problems they decided to fire me out. It's not my problem if they decided to stress themself and then give me the fault, but after that decision i cried for hours, alone on the kitchen floor.

Second, i took the decision to stop the relationship with the boyfriend: that relationship was only a pale reflect of the initial relation of 2 years ago.

Then, where are my best friends in this sadness? They there weren't.

So i took the only decision that could relieve my pain: i run away from my city. Now i'm in Genova, in a room i rent for 250 €/month, searching for a job and trying to make real my dream of freedom. Here i'm not alone, and all the possibilities i have in this big city have awanken up all my interests, my happiness and my serenity.

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