Sunday, 3 January 2010

Cloudy ruffly...finally!

Remember the pattern i wrote some times ago about a little scarf? Finally i've made some photos and uploaded the pattern on Ravelry!

The scarf is made using only one skein of mohair wool: it's soft, it's light and it's warm, closed on your throath by a giant ribbon that makes it very victorian!

From the pattern's description:
"In these dangerous times of influence and cold, we can be stylish and in the same time protect a
very important part of our body, the throat. Cloudy Ruffly is a romantic little scarf, that will wrap
your throat taking it warm & beaty without the inconvenience of long and oppressive scarves.
Crochet it in the exact lenght you want it, tie the bow and you’ll be the romantic princess of the
This patterns is recommended for the beginner intermediate
crocheter, with knowledge of
increasing, back and front stitching."

Use this link to buy it directly throught the Ravelry cart:

...or go to the Etsy listing!
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