Tuesday, 11 November 2008

About me...

Aren't you curious to know something about who's behind KnotMe? Well, meet Erika...

I was born in Terni, on February, 18 1986. I'm 1,80 m tall, with long brown hair and a very white skin, so delicate that i can't make a journey at the beach ^^
I've inherited the passion for handmade from my family...i've not a real skill in the most of the things that i do, but i love to experiment and to improve my fantasy.
I'm studying to reach the degree of Energy Engineer: i love my studyies, but i hate when professors treat me badly! For this reason, i will not continue studying, but i'll search a work after the degree.
I love martial arts: i was an agonist in karate for 2 years, reaching the seventh place in Italy after my second match!

But i had to leave karate, because of university.
Now, i practice Tai Chi Chuan since 2007, and i have new friends in this art...

In my right side there is Master Nelson! He is a great man! I have not a photo with my Master XD.
I played the bass guitar in an indie rock band...

...and we were great! We played all songs written by the singer/guitarist, and our music was well received by the people ^^ I bought a five strings bass guitar in this period, the bass you see in the photo: isn't it marvellous? ^^
But, like all beautiful things...the group crashed, and i joined a new group, a rock band named Lapsus. For now, we're only playing covers, but i'm hoping that in the near future we will play our songs.

I have only few friends...in the photo you can see my best friends, 2 girls with whom i have divided my life for 8 years. There is also a male best friend, but i don't have a beautiful photo.

I listen progressive metal music: i started with "Images and words" by Dream Theater, and i followed the band till their "decadence"...let me tell the truth: they're not the same Dream Theater of "Scenes from a memory"! Now, with my boyfriend we are supporting new progressive bands very very very spectacular...have you ever heard about Circus Maximus, Seventh Wonder and Mind's eye? Well, they are all great!

Don't think about me like i'm the usual goth lady: in the photo i'm in that position because i hate to have the sand on my skin (we were on a beach) ^^ No vampyre meaning ^^

I love to travel, i love chocolate and green tea, i play live role games in an association called GRVItalia, i love to read, i love comics and fantasy stories, i love Donald Duck and the Carl Bark's stories, i love my fireplace...and i love my boyfriend ^^

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