Wednesday, 16 March 2011

All good things come to an end...

So, it's clear that i've no time to update my precious blog :( i'm trying to create the work that will pay my bills. No spare time for crochet and knotting, but i'm not sad: i'm just creating one of the most important thing of my life. I will be a freelance, i will be an energy engineer and a web developer: PHP and XHTML will be my new crochet hook & tread. Yes, i'm becoming a truly geek ^^

However, this blog will remain still, just to remember me that, when i was young, i made a network with my little patterns. Thank you all for your kind comments and your support. If you want to leave a comment, don't worry, i will always read them :)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thanks Ikea...

...But now is my turn.
Yes, i bought almost everything for my new home at Ikea: there i found all i need at a very reasonable price, and, while i was holding one of those crocheted things, i asked myself: "Why spend a lot of time and energy to make a thing that i can buy at Ikea for this ridiculous price?".

I fell in the "i'm useless" mood. This is the reason i haven't updated the blog for so much time.

But just some days ago i passed an evening on Etsy, and i felt that special itch on my hands: i HAVE to make something! It's too much hot to crochet, so i calmed my itch making two little turk's head to display two of my grandpà works. The grandfather used to work the wood and to make beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces, and these two pieces are perfect to embellish my Ikea kitchen.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Returned to knot

I asked myself: why i call all this internet activity "Knots Me...Knots Me Not!" if i'm not making knots? So i bought a super soft cotton rope, and made a try with dyeing...

The dyeing process was a little tricky: i don't know why, while drying, all the dye came up, leaving the wrong side white! XD
I will give it a second chance, hoping to make it work also on the wrong side!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Finally online!

Dear readers,
It has been since february that i don't write on my little blog...because i bought an home! An house that's all mine! I was absent because i didn't have an internet connection, but now i have it, and i will restart to post frequently, and, i hope, interesting things :)
I have some projects to show you, and some new ideas. If you remember, my hands get hurt in January, and now i'm almost completely healed, so now i can photograph my hands without shame ^^

Sunday, 28 February 2010

New craftings...

... but no photos XD
Sorry for the lack of updates, i'm working like a busy bee, and the weather has been so orrible that i couldn't make photos of my last projects. I had a new pattern ready for S. Valentine, but i wanted to make a specific photo that wouldn't be so sweet with the rain. S. Valentine passed, and now it's time to think to S. Patrick...uff, i'm a little upset for this rush to special occasion. I'm creative, and i don't need an occasion to inspire me. This skill is good for me, but bad for my Etsy shop XD
In the starting of my Etsy experience i tryed to create on demand, but i had lots of things not sold, and this is the death of the joy of selling. I "discovered" that selling on internet is a real job, you can't start and hope to sell without giving lots of energies in marketing and setting up the contacts online.
But i don't want to give up! I'm searching an home, MY home, where i will work like student assistant, reiki operator, and Knots Me...Knots Me Not designer! And yes, sometimes i'll go out and search a true job..... ..... .... ;)

Friday, 5 February 2010

Improving my bytes

Remember my first little javascript page? I've improved it, adding some fast links to Craftcult and Craftopolis, so the Etsy sellers can check theyr shop hearts and if they are in a tresury just with a click.

This is a tool i hope will help a lot of Etsy Sellers :D It's a little html page with javascript that you can use like the homepage on your browser and helps you to plan your week.

The script greets you, tells you the day and what you have to do that day. Like lots of Etsy sellers, i've made a schedule to come up with all the things to do. For example, on monday i have to update the blog, on tuesday i've to surf Etsy, and so on. This tool tells me exactly what i have to do. But i didn't want to loose my Google home page (i've always something to search!), so i've added a Google form ^^

☺ First, download the file clicking the download button near the image: you'll get a .pdf file
☺ Save it in a new folder, where you'll save also the background image. This passage makes easier the writing of the position of the image into the code.
☺ Then open the .pdf file and copy all the code in a text editor, like NotePad.
☺ Write the schedule of your week: find the lines where i written WRITE HERE WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO ON MONDAY, and instead of it write you plan for every day of the week.
☺ Find WRITE HERE THE path OF THE BACKGROUND IMAGE, and write instead of it the name of the image. Note: you can write only the name if the image is saved in the same folder of the file.
☺ Find HERE YOUR ETSY USERNAME, and write instead of it exactly only your Etsy username. You can see these buttons in the image (where is written "knotme"): they will lead you to the Craftcult's Heart-o-Matic, and the Craftopoly's Treasury Hunt.
☺ Well, now save the Notepad file with the extension .html and double click on it: it will be opened in your browser, and you can test it.
☺ To have it like your homepage (i will be really glade!), Tools -> Options of your web browser, and use the current page like home page. Tadaaaa! :)

If you have problems or advices for me, contact me!

Click here to download the file!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Happy Blog&Shop-aversary!

Dear readers,
another year passed away: it's my second year here on Blogger, and my first year on Etsy. It's incredible how time passes fast!

Monday, 1 February 2010

New winterish pattern

Here in Genova the weater is really cold, and my poor ears need an extra protection:
i didn't want to buy one of these supergiant ear warmers, i wanted the possibility to use the ear warmer with my hats without appearing ridiculous XD So here is my idea, a thin but very warm pair of ear warmers, made of wool and stuffed with felt to have an extra protection from wind. I choose the headband that fits my head perfectly without giving me bad sensations, and a thick wool. It's a very fast project, and my ears are thanking me for this idea ;)

You can find this pattern in my Etsy and Ravelry shops!

Friday, 29 January 2010

My poor crocheter's hands

Do you remember my hands bleeding?
Well, one finger is still hurt, and it makes a little difficult to crochet...poor me :(
BUT...i can sew ^^ I found on deviantART some tutorials about sewing skirts, and the fabric for only 3 euro: here is the result!

I don't know what's the blue fabric, but it's cool! ^^

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I know how to sew!

During a struggling search of a pouch that could fit my tastes, and the dimensions of my indispensable things i come out with "And if i made it...myself?" ... "Ok, i will sew the pouch by hand" ... "But a sew made with the sewing machine is better" ... "How much does a sewing machine costs?" And in the struggling search of a cheap sewing machine i came out with the "Cucciola" (soon the photos!), a portable sewng machine, small, light-weighted, but works very well!
Returning in the main argument, with this little jewel i made the famous pouch!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Hands bleeding!

Some days ago i get hurted on my hands: a tomato glass bottle broke down just right into my hands, and cut the delicate skin of two of my fingers. I now have two big sausages instead of my fingers, so all my project are paused. I'll take this time to get organized ;)

Sorry for this splatter post... XD

Monday, 11 January 2010

Thoughts about 2009 -2010

I know, i've talked too much about me in these last months, and it's just because the second part of 2009 has been terrible. My 2009 started very well: i moved for 4 months into Perugia, started my Etsy shop and created a lot. Then it came the degree: this monster that kept me away from the only thing that let me feel alive, create. The boyfriend started to stay away from me for a stupid reason, and the last university exam is truly terrible when you feel alone. After the degree, i had only bad times.
But now is time to return into the scene, and be myself. I want this 2010 to be sparkling!

I'm writing a little book about amigurumi, and i'll post here some of the tutorials. All my pattern will be revised, corrected and updated with the new tutorials.

This little book will be translated into italian with all my patterns, and here in Genova i want to make a group of crocheters.

I will continue my line of irish necklaces, and i want to experiment with new materials, like metal wire (i found a very beautiful accessories' shop near my house, it gives me lots of ideas!).

For now these are my good proposals for this year. It's just to be myself ^^