Monday, 11 January 2010

Thoughts about 2009 -2010

I know, i've talked too much about me in these last months, and it's just because the second part of 2009 has been terrible. My 2009 started very well: i moved for 4 months into Perugia, started my Etsy shop and created a lot. Then it came the degree: this monster that kept me away from the only thing that let me feel alive, create. The boyfriend started to stay away from me for a stupid reason, and the last university exam is truly terrible when you feel alone. After the degree, i had only bad times.
But now is time to return into the scene, and be myself. I want this 2010 to be sparkling!

I'm writing a little book about amigurumi, and i'll post here some of the tutorials. All my pattern will be revised, corrected and updated with the new tutorials.

This little book will be translated into italian with all my patterns, and here in Genova i want to make a group of crocheters.

I will continue my line of irish necklaces, and i want to experiment with new materials, like metal wire (i found a very beautiful accessories' shop near my house, it gives me lots of ideas!).

For now these are my good proposals for this year. It's just to be myself ^^
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