Saturday, 9 January 2010

Creating with some bytes...

As all of you know (isn't it true? :P), i've recently moved into Genova. The only sad thing is that i couldn't carry with me all my skeins & materials :(
Well, my creative activity doesn't deal only with yarn, but also with bytes ^^ Some days ago i bought a little book about JavaScript, and i'm reading it at th speed of light ^^ Because i love to experiment, i have tried all the exercises but the cool fact is that i persoalized a script to make the homepage of my browser...but let see it:

The script greets you, tells you the day and what you have to do that day. Like lots of Etsy sellers, i've made a schedule to come up with all the things to do. For example, on monday i have to update the blog, on tuesday i've to surf Etsy, and so on. This tool tells me exactly what i have to do. But i didn't want to loose my Google home page (i've always something to search!), so i've added a Google form ^^
This little jewel will be upgrade as i master the arguments, but for now it's already really useful, and i want to give you the opportunity to use it.
☺ First, download the file here.
☺ Save it in a new folder, where you'll save also the background image. This passage makes easier the writing of the position of the image into the code.
☺ Then open the file with a text editor, like NotePad.
☺ Write the schedule of your week: find the lines where i written WRITE HERE WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO ON MONDAY, and instead of it write you plan for every day of the week.
☺ Find PATH OF THE BACKGROUND IMAGE, and write instead of it the name of the image. Note: you can write only the name if the image is saved in the same folder of the file.
☺ Well, now save all and double click on it: it will be opened in your browser, and you can test it.
☺ To have it like your homepage (i will be really glade! ^^), Tools -> Options of your web browser, and use the current page like home page. Tadaaaa! :)

If you have problems or advices for me, contact me!
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