Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Fingerless gloves are always good

Some time ago i crocheted this pair of fingerless gloves for me:

I hate not having the use of my sense of touch, and this pair of cozy mittens helped my hands to stay warm, and me to use my touch.
My friend Giorgio saw this pair (that after an year of intensive use are a little old) and said "Gorgeous! I want them!" and stole my pair XD So, to have in return my pair, i crocheted him this pair of mittens:

I haven't used an hairy wool to make the edges, because on my pair the edges now are horrible, but i preferred a simple and decorative shrimp stitch that helps the mittens to remain in their shape. He is super happy (i think he doesn't wear these mittens only to sleep), and i have taken the occasion to write down the pattern ^^

From the pattern description:
"Casual and sporty pair of fingerless mittens to have the absolute control of your sense of touch but
having the hand hugged by a cozy glove. Crochet them with a bulky wool to have the softest and
warmest result, ready to use 3 hours after buying the skein.
This patterns is recommended for the advanced beginner crocheter, with knowledge of increasing,
decreasing, shrimp stitching, front and back stitching."

Use this link to buy it directly throught the Ravelry cart:

...or go to the Etsy listing!
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