Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Crocheted jewellry

I love very much the shape of the crocheted irish leaf: it is easy, and i can use particular stitches to reach interesting effects. From my love of these leaves, i crocheted these two different necklaces:

The red one it's been the first: two big leaves and one smaller, with a red wood bead in the center, and a earth friendly closure, made of a recycled (and well washed) pull can tab. The second one is a one of a kind design: there are two big leaves and one smaller, the closure is made by a red wood bead, and the pendants are one metal rose and one little bell. The central button has been sewed with silk thread.

I like this design: the face is beautifully framed by the leaves, the red one is for girls that wants to be different, while the yellow one is a little provoking with the pendant gently going into the neckline. Remember, the yellow is OOAK! you can find them in Knots Me...Knots Me Not! Etsy shop.
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