Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Done just in time!

This is my first wearable thing i ever crocheted, so happy i finally finished it without giving up :) Meet my round sweater, 1 kg of 100% comfortable and warm, i finished it just in time to wear it before the summer :)

I really love the long sleeves (i'm 1,80 m tall, from my childhood i've always had short-sleeved clothes, because i was (and i am now) too much tall XD), and the final trim is my favourite one, for this step i didn't follow the pattern.

Conclusions about the expierience:
Good, but it took me too much time XD When i will be a granny, i will crochet (and maybe knit?) socks and sweaters for all my family, but now i want to return to my much faster & usual projects :)
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