Thursday, 12 November 2009

Button knots are conquering the world!

I love chinese button knots: with a single lanyard you can knot all the loops that you want, and the knot itself is beautiful. Now, you know that my mother is pasting wallpaper all over the house...during this (insane) work, the mom had the possibility to redistribute all the things that we have hung on the walls. First was this cross point work that she realized years ago...
"Erika, with this lanyard can you make a loop here? But how can we knot the lanyard on the stick?"
10 minutes after...

Mom is so fascinated by this knot (that we call "la meletta", the little apple), that almost every day she breaks into my room and wants a "meletta" here and there XD
The result? I now can knot chinese buttons in every conditions XD
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