Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Experimenting fibers...

The physiotherapist that is taking care of my shoulders is attracted by the celtic world, and asked me a little commission.
"Erika" she said "can you knot me something like that?" pointing at the little celtic knot that i have on my bag "Think about me and make me that knot." Ok!

I used a lanyard that my mother go wrong in buying (the white one), and a wool rasta (the green one).
(At home, with my mother we starred at the rasta, we touched it, we examined it, and we haven't already found a use of that rasta, apart of being a rasta, and being knotted XD Someone out there can tell me a different use of it? )

To close the knot i used a double connection knot and a chinese button knot, hiding all the ends in the last one.
The physiotherapist is really happy of her new celtic knot, and my mother now wants a knot for herself XD
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