Friday, 20 November 2009

Hands in the dirt

These days is the turn of my sleeping room to be emptied and glued with the wallpaper...yesterday me and mom spent all the day doing:
*cutting the paper;
*glueing the paper;
*glueing the wall;
*glueing the paper on the wall.
The past night i dreamed brushes and buckets of glue XD

But in the spare time before dinner and during the night i can crochet XD
I've made the bag for my new shining dowsing pendulum bought on Etsy:

I crocheted all half double crochet, and i found that this stitch is more beautiful in the wrong side ^^

Then i'm crocheting a shawl...

The thread is a mix of wool and silk: it is very warm and shining!

The next project will be a ruffly cowl...i don't know when i can crochet all these things, but it doesn't matter XD
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