Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A new little friend...

The new entry in my little family, a fish cozy for my usb pen drive :) I love to see it biting my little pc ^^ The idea came out when i bought my 4 Gb fantastic usb pen drive for my fantastic new eee pc. The pen drive has no a cap to protect the port, that slips inside the body of the pen. Ok, the port won't destroy but...the dust? Little orrible things can easily go into it, and i have ALL my precious files in this pen drive! So, the cozy! Simple and witty :)
The pattern is available for 2 € in my shops (links above) for all who need the not-the-usual cozy.

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Cami said...

Super cool. I love it. I heard of a man who had an artificial arm and added his usb to his finger! This is much less creepy. :o)