Thursday, 19 March 2009

It's great :)

All of this work is great...blogging, twitting, chatting... yesterday i followed an Etsy Lab for the first time, i asked a question (and i also made a spell error XD) and i understood all (i improved a lot my english!). It's great. Someone out there realized his/her dreams, living and doing what he/she likes and shares his/her knowledge to other dreamers. I feel like i'm pushed by the tide of this handmade revolution, i don't know if it's spring fault, but i'm excited and i have a lot of creative ideas! I don't know if after the degree i will find a day job that suits me, i don't know if i will be happy working, if i will find a great working setting and if my boss will be a good person, but there is a thing that i know, a thing that is deeply inside my heart: no one can kill my creative mood. I will always be creative, it's a part of me, it's ME!

My creative skills are linking me to people i wouldn't never meet without. I feel like a part of the world, i have visitors from USA to India, and if i can i would shake hands with every person who stops here and read my adventures. It's really true: a blog is not about myself, but about all of you. Thank you all for your visits and for your comments. In this year i reached 4000 visits, and beahind every number there is someone, a person about who i don't know nothing except that this person enjoys seeing my works. Thank you again, have a nice stop :)

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WireMySoul said...

Well said! I find the more blogs I follow, the more creative people I interact with in my day, the more inspired I am, and the stronger the creative urge is within me!

Thanks for sharing!