Monday, 16 March 2009

Free is beautiful!

The publication of my free bunny pattern carried a boom of views of the blog, wow!
I'm happy to give happiness to 100 people in a day! I'll add a new free pattern soon :) And i'll list other two amigurumi patterns in my shops. I was also planning to add free promos with my business cards, but...i don't have time to crochet little promos XD So, all who will receive my business card will have a sale code to use in my shops ^^
But the other problem is that i don't sell and ship goods, but only patterns! XD I'm planning to make a line of crocheted jewellery like this:

I found the pattern on Ravelry, i added a wood bead and a metal wire for the necklace.
It's a first attempt, but i like it ^^ And it is my way to wish you an happy S. Patrick day :)

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