Friday, 14 March 2008

Soft sensations from Maine Woods Yarn & Fiber

You can find the nature in their wool: the blue of the seacost, the brown and the green of the white birch trees and the accents of the orchards on a very soft merino wool. The colors are natural, and anyone can learn how to make his personal fiber!

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1. Handmaking make you feel...?

Handmaking gives me an appreciation for the talent and labor involved in creating items that long ago did not use our modern conveniences. Spinning, dying and knitting are very ancient crafts.

2. What material do you use? Why?

I use merino/wool blends for its softness and spin yarns with both drop spindles and spinning wheels. I like to do things the original, natural way. I sometimes use plant fibers for dyes.

3. What is your favorite item now in your shop?

My favorite item in my shop has to be my drop spindle kits.
It is the oldest way yarn was spun, even before spinning wheels. Ancient tribes would tie a rock to a stick to make a spindle in order to spin yarn from animal fibers.

4. Your keyword treating with buyers?

My keyword is "opportunity". The buyer has the opportunity to learn to make their own yarns and can take it anywhere & spin.

5. Have something more to tell?

Very soon I will be coming out with sock knitting kits which will include my handpainted yarn, handcrafted needles and full instuctions as well as our locker hooking kits which uses our hand dyed wool to make rugs with beautiful designs. Actually, my husband spins yarn also and does most of the woodworking part of our business.

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