Thursday, 13 March 2008

The Secret Tray and the Black Box

Now you can tell me "...What's?"
These are the code names (i think i'm mad XD ) of a tray in my desk and its content, the box where i keep all the things i use to create ^^

You can see in the photo the tray, the box opened and the yarns i use: green, blue, orange, yellow, melange (yellow+blue+pink), pink, red and light green. These are the colors that i have FOR NOW. I'm going to buy other yarns and colors.

In the other photo there are the wood beads (blue, red, yellow and natural), the silk yarns, the bells and other beads, and the button-owl (they are very cute!), all on the carpet i use to pin up the pins.

That's my world!

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