Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Kalicat and her jewelled art!

Designer and jeweller, Catherine Marche aka Kalicat make your dreams come to reality: custom orders are welcome, but she is so creative that you will soon dream her creations!

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I will now call on Kalicat...

1) Handmaking make you feel...?

Handmaking makes me feel creative, happy and fulfilled, especially when I deal with a custom order. I think it is fantastic to have the ability to make client's dream come true, which is very exciting with jewellery like wedding rings or engagement rings, with all the emotions linked to these.

2) What material do you use? Why?

I use precious metals like 18K gold and sterling silver as they are timeless and have a beautiful quality when working with them, which is that you can give them several different finishes and textures. Their color also enhances greatly the gemstones I use.

3) What is your favorite item now in your shop?

I quite like the Blue pond Ring

as the circle of yellow gold enhances so much the blue of the topaz. This ring sits beautifully on the finger and can be worn more often than a dress ring.

4) Your keyword treating with buyers?

Quality, good communication

5) Have something more to tell?

Buying online can be "scary" and if a clinet is not happy, I offer to exchange or pay back the item.

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kalicat said...

Grazie por el magnifico article.
As you can see, I do not speak a word of Italian, but love your feature
Thank you so much for featuring my work