Monday, 10 March 2008

A window on Glassprimitif 's world!

Let's be fascinated by this shining pieces of art!
In her works we can find influences by primitive symbolism melted together with soft and delicate shapes: a very pleasant view!
Contacts: Blog and DaWanda shop

And now i will call on Glassprimitif...

1) Handmaking make you feel....?

I love "hand made" because every item of glass I make is unique. I can make similar pieces but never the exact same design.

2) What material do you use? Why?

My favourite material is glass because it is tactile, fragile, tough, warm, cool and so adaptable.

3) What is your favorite item now in your shop?

This is my favourite item in my shop at the moment

because these earrings are fun, bright and most importantly, red!

4) Your keyword treating with buyers?

The key word has to be great customer service. Becoming a seller on different hand made sites has taught me that selling on-line is a social event and the people I sell to are real, not just a name in cyberspace. I love receiving pretty, well wrapped presents and I hope my customers do too.

5) Have something more to tell?

I started my shop on Dawanda in September 2007 but, because of slow sales and becoming busy on Etsy, I stopped listing. Then I met seven wonderful glass artists and we have formed the team Glass Anarchy. We looked at different hand made sites and chose Dawanda as our selling site. Coming back to Dawanda has been a surprise for me as there have been so many changes. The forums seem livelier and I like the new feature to email pinboards to friends. Glass Anarchy is a very new team, only a few days old, but we have received some lovely feedback from other Dawandans. Our aim is to promote our glass, both individually and collectively and yo make new friends on Dawanda. How do you spot a glass anarchist? Check out the word Glass Anarchy in tags!

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