Saturday, 15 March 2008

Glass + fun for Cats Paw Artifacts

Member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers and with a reputation as an honest more to say, just look at her beautiful beads!

Contacts: Blog and DaWanda Shop

1) Handmaking make you feel....?

Useful and creative and productive

2) What material do you use? Why?

pmc - .99 silver intrigues me

3) What is your favorite item now in your shop?

The coral necklace

4) Your keyword treating with buyers?

I try to be professional and efficient with buyers - buyers are like distant friends. The golden rule - treat them as you would want to be treated.

5) Have something more to tell?

I started my creative journey in technical theatre in college. Then I took coursework in graphic design and did that for 20 some years. When I moved to Portland with my husband I got interested in beading, first beadweaving and eventually making my own glass beads.

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