Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Just returned!

Yesterday i returned from my beautiful vacation in Trentino, and i obviously started to create something...well, the "something" you see below was already started, but i had no time to finish & photograph it in time, so today i finally finished it!

This is a choker, braided using the kumihimo technique and a new pattern found in "250 patterns from japan, perù & beyond" by Rodrick Owen. I used only deep blue and silver silk, and i found the silk to be a little tricky in some aspects of the work, but the final effect is...WOW! Also the pattern is beautiful, but it's also tricky, having 14 passages analogue each other.

It will be a gift for a friend :) I'm "lucky" i have so few friends...i give them lots and lots of presents, if i had more friends i won't have time to breathe! XD Ok, i'm trying to change vision and see the lucky part of all the unlucky facts in my life ^^
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