Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Crocheting in the mean time...

Sorry for the absence...i have gone to another LARP game, spent some time in Genova with a friend, and when i finally returned home i found my mother pasting paper on the house's walls XD I can barely reach my desk, for all the...things...that i have in my room XD
I'm also searching a job, playing the bass guitar and doing lots of little stupid things that don't allow me to crochet for more than half an hour!
Finally, yesterday i finished a new pattern: a feminine pad ^^

From the description of the pattern:

For all the women who wants a more eco­friendly approach with their feminine, but who doesn’t
know how to sew ^^ Soft cotton is the best sensation on that really sensitive part of our body, and a
crocheted pad can be strong and soft at the same time. You can make two of them, sew them
together and stuff to have a menstrual pad, totally washable and reusable!
However, this can be a naughty and witty coaster for your tea time and your pots, and you’ll find lots
of other funny and surprisingly uses of this pad­shaped crocheted piece.
This patterns is recommended for the beginner crocheter, with knowledge of increasing. Also basic
sewing and embroidery skills are helpful.

You will need…

* 20 g of cotton yarn, in the color you want
* a matching crochet hook
* a yarn needle
* a sewable snap button, and the thread to sew it on the pad’s wings
* 2 stitch markers
…and of course this file! ^^

The pattern is available in my Ravelry shop, and this is the direct link to buy it:
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