Saturday, 16 May 2009

Finally a pinboard!

After the "creation" of a sketchbook (i love Moleskine), i realized that i needed a pin board. I had no time to go out and fin a classic cork pinboard, and then i had the creative attack: crochet a net and use it like pinboard...

I crocheted it using lots and lots of scraps, but with no weaving in the ends, because i directly knotted all the ends one after the other. To add my notes to the pinboard i use the metal clips that you can see in the second photo.
I find this pinboard...beautiful ^^ It is coloured, it has a fur appeal (given by all the knots), it's handmade and creative ^^ Sometimes i'm surprised by my ideas!

The pattern?
Well, you need the yarn and the matching hook, a metal thread, a stick and metal clips.
Start with a chain long a multiple of 4 plus 8. Treble crochet in the twelfth chain from hook, ch 4, skip 4 chain of the base chain, treble crochet. Continue till the end, 8 ch, turn, skip the first four chains, treble crochet in the first treble crochet, 4 ch, skip 4 chains, treble crochet....and continue till you reach the lenght needed. In the last rows you can decrease the meshes crocheting at the start only 5 chains, and decreasing the last 2 treble crochet.

Then crochet a border all around with single crochet, crocheting the net and the metal thread together. Iron and add the stick :)
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