Monday, 27 April 2009

Greening the business

Earth Day made me think about my business enviromental impact: i recycle all that i can, all cotton, wool and felt scraps, i frog old jumpers to recycle the wool (one made my star blanket!), i'm also using little useless scraps of wool to crochet a classic granny squares blanket. But, about the packaging? I used to send my items without a gift package, because i didn't want to add more shipping fees to have a cheap shipping and packaging cost.

Now i'm thinking that, if i recycle materials that were destinated to the bin, i can offer a cute&eco friendly package with no additional costs. Obviously, the material will be saved before thrashed ^^

Searching for an ideal material for packaging that i can have in great quantities, i found the cereal box in front of me ^^ Lightweight carboard, in the perfect size for my package template, usually thrashed one time a week, i can cut from it 2 package, and i can also print my business cards on a flap! I have yet to try if the printing process will work well, or i can use the flap in different ways.

However, items will be shipped in ordinary postal bags, waterproof and securely closed, but with the internal package my item comes ready to be given for gift. I'm also thinking about buying a stamp to stamp the recycle symbol instead of using labels.
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