Friday, 24 April 2009

A crafter's life...and the net

After discovering my passion and the possibility to show it to the world, i exaggerated. I started to craft responding to the general mood and the trends, just to keep the hands creating something. This was a great, great, great mistake. When i saw that my items were not clicked i thought that people don't love them, and i stopped to craft. Suddendly, all my passion declined, reaching a point that i had the need to craft without knowing what to do.
Now i'm out of the tunnel, luckly :)

About this experience what can i say? I see lots of shops that just craft to follow trends, that ask if they are doing good and why they don't sell. I hope they can soon realize what's wrong in their behaviour...i think that all wants to be appreciated, everyone wants someone that tells "You're good". What's all this lack of faith in ourselves?
Usually, behind a screen we appear different, you know what i mean: i chatted a lot when i was a young girl searching for my first kiss, and i realized that i was really different than i am in the real life. So, why we don't earn faith instead of being super insecure?
I think that we all little crafter need a list of the things we want to achieve in our crafter's life, something like "i want to be happy with my craft, not with my store". I think we will erase the stress also from our passion, instead of only using our passion to erase the stress from our life.
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