Friday, 17 April 2009

A crafter's life...the beginning

Do you remember how you started to craft "seriously"? Like photographing every piece you create, blogging about it...and starting to sell?
Well, i seriously started when i subscribed to an association of live action role playing games. I had to dress like a medieval-fantasy woman, but without spending too much money. The solution? I did myself all the things i needed: belts, bags, the costume (well, my mom sewed it ^^ ), brooches and pins, and also hairstrings! Suddendly i discovered a skill: making things, using different tecniques...and i liked all the creative process, wearing my DIY things, and constantly improving all. I discovered kumihimo in this episode, while i was yet able to crochet, and the upgrade to macrame was easy.
It was a difficult period of my life, full of stress that i tryed to pull out crafting for me. Then something changed, i met my actual boyfriend, and i started to craft pulling out my happiness. What a change!

So, that's the point: the industrial revolution carryed the possibility to not work with our hands, but in these days we are witnessing a return to the handmaking, searching the quality of the item hand made, and taking pledges to buy only handmade.
Why this turn? I'n not an expert of marketing, so i can only suppose...
All these stressed people that take classes of crochet and knitting, person really lucky to quit their day job to only sell their handmade on internet...This life just don't fit us. Someone just want to have a simple life, growing their child and using their creativity in a creative way (excuse the pun ^^ ). The bad side of the medal is that we have to live this life, taking the possibility to do want we really want only in the spare time. This is not good. Criminality, stress, bad mood, stomachache...all depends on the feeling that we are not doing what we love.
It's just my view, i'll love to read your vision of the situation :)
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