Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Samhain!

I wish you an happy Samhain: light a candle and imagine that its fire can burn your troubles.
I will do it, and i hope that my little candle can burn all the years of pain given by the university. Yesterday i had an exam, and i never felt so...dishonored. The professor treated me truly bad because he was only thinking about his work, and don't give me any attenction WHILE i was talking!!! I don't like university only for the person that i found in :(
But now, it doesn't matter: i have to do only 5 exams to the graduation!
I'm now with my boyfriend for all the week end, i will relax and start the new week with other 2 exams to study XD

Behind the crafty view...i bought a crochet book! Finally a book that's not old as my mother ^^

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