Thursday, 20 March 2008

See the past through the eyes of Beritnewyork

Her eyes are pointed on the past, but her hands give the future. Native American and frontiersman accessories, celtic art, Middle Age vestments, vintage atmospheres...this is only a little list of what you can find in her shops!
In her words: every piece has a story from the most elaborate tale to the littlest dream.

Contacts: Etsy shop and DaWanda shop

1) Handmaking makes you feel?

I have this saying “To make handmade, is the honour the past.” I believe it applies to my whole philosophy on life. We live in a generation full of technology and mass production yet many of us feel unsatisfied. I think is has a lot to do with the fact that most of the things we buy are not made by human hands but rather by machines. It is like we loose a sense of realness or personal touch. Handmaking adds so much honour and uniqueness to an item. It gives life to a product that would other wise be lost in the crowd. So yeah, my main goal with handmaking is to bring back this lost art form and to honour the ways of old.

2) What material do you use?

I mainly use fabric, mostly velvets, silks, cotton, and plastics/PVC. I use beads and other decorative objects for accents and I also enjoy working with vintage materials as well.
I work with these materials largely because I have been crafting with fabric ever since I was a child. It is a medium that I know a lot about and I tend to incorporate it into everything!

3) What is your favorite item now in your shop?

My favourite item in my DaWanda shop would be my leather belt with a pouch bag attached to it. I also have a lot of items listed on Etsy and I would say my favourite item from there would be my flower broad rimed hat.

4) Your keyword treating with buyers?

I like to treat my buyers as if they were something to be treasured, so I usually say “to my treasured buyers” when making important announcements. I also like to use the word “greetings” because it is reminiscent of a popular medieval welcome “greetings and well met.”

5) Have something more to tell?

I will end with saying this. I believe that when it comes to my personal style, I tend to like balanced design and lots of details. My style is not simplistic, although I do respect simplicity in many aspects of my life designing is not one of them. I do not complete an item until I am fully satisfied with its details from the inside out.

I believe in not just creating something but in actually inventing new ways of seeing, wearing or using things. I strive to make my work reflect these beliefs.

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