Monday, 24 March 2008

Don't lose your Beans!

Project-holders for all tastes, her purses are designed with an accurate purpose:The Means to hold your Beans!

Contacts: Blog, Etsy shop and DaWanda shop

1) Handmaking make you feel....?

Satisfied, productive, and peaceful all at once :)

2) What material do you use? Why?

Just about anything. I love different textures and looks, and love combining things that wouldn't necessarily be thought to go together.

3) What is your favorite item now in your shop?

My Pink and Green Little Bean...

I love how springy it is :)

4) Your keyword treating with buyers?
Do you mean my motto for treating my customers? Respect. Respect is huge to me, and I will always treat my customers and other sellers with respect and honesty.

5) Have something more to tell? Thanks for doing this!

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lskcrochet said...

Hi Erika,

I'm having minor surgery tomorrow and I won't be able to get the info to you until nest week if all goes well. I hope it's okay and if you feature someone else instead maybe you could hold my info for another time. Thank you for considering me!