Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I don't know if anyone of you have noticed that one of the links under the banner has gone away. Well, i have to cut from my life the branches that tie me to useless things.
I closed the DaWanda shop, and i'm doing the degree sale in my Etsy shop to sell the last things. I think i will continue selling patterns, because i love very much the work behind a pattern: i usually realize an amigurumi, write the pattern and give the amigurumi for gift to special friends & boyfriend. I like the fact that with some pattern i can buy me a new book about kumihimo or crochet, and stop.

The dream to live only with my creative activity has gone away, but i can always crochet lots of things, and, this time, only for me and my beloved ones. ^^ I'm not sad, i only accept the changes that come with my new life: i don't know where i will find a job, i want to run away from my city, and...void. I can totally rewrite my life, and i'm full of hope that i can write it finally in the exact way i want it, i just have to keep faith and work hard.
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