Saturday, 25 July 2009

I'm a doctor!

Yesterday was the great day: i finally took my Energy Engineer degree, now i'm a doctor!
It has been a very stressful morning: it started at 3 o'clock XD i woke up completely and it took me one hour to finally fall asleep. Then woke up at 8, with my heart beating mad and my stomach trying to tell me that eating breakfast was a really bad idea. Then at university, i was the third and when came my turn my voice started to tremble XD 10 minutes and 8 seconds after, i was a little more calm ^^ And when the prof said "Erika Gili, we have positively valued your career and your final test, with the powers that I have been given i declare you Doctor in Energy Engineering with the score of 104" i think i was smiling like i've never done before :)
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