Friday, 26 June 2009

Irish-in-line...ok, contest!

Remember the latest wip crocheted necklace? It's finally done!

This necklace is for my mom (the lady in the photo ;) ), but i'll crochet&braid more necklaces to sell in my shop ^^ First, let me take my degree XD

And now...please, help me! Help me to find out a better name than "Irish-in-line" ^^
Here the rules:
* the name has not to be referred to only this necklace, but it has to describe a line of necklaces, made of crocheted leaves on a kumihimo necklace;
* post a comment with the name you suggest;
* the contest will close on July the 26th;
* the contest won't be valid if i receive less than 20 comments.

I'll personally select the name i'll love, and the luckly prompter will win a 50% off in my Etsy shop!

You can choose my amigurumi patterns... crochet patterns... crocheted hair accessories...

...and, finally, my crocheted necklaces!

Contest Closed!

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