Saturday, 9 May 2009

What time do you craft?

Since i'm returned home, i love to study during the morning, with the window open, listening the birds singing and the bees flying. This spring's sounds calm me down, help me to concentrate and i feel more relaxed.
Then, i love to craft in the night, with the desk lamp and music on...i think that i'm working when everybody is sleeping (hoping that my music doesn't disturb ^^ ), no one will enter in my room to distract me, it's as if I were in a parallel world.
Yesterday, in this parallel world of mine, i finished this two necklaces:

The black one has a simple line, 3 leaves of different dimensions and a crocheted bead in the center.
The white one is embellished by some silver beads and garnet. This one is crocheted with a cotton + viscose yarn, that gives shining reflection at the ensemble.
It's awesome how much i can work during the night!
And you? What time of the day you like to dedicate to crafting and why? :)
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