Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I feel like a business woman!

I'm trying to wash away from my desk all the old, useless things. In the past nights i had a lot of ugly dreams about my past... I'm having a stressful period: the university thesis, the last exams, my father at home for months after a medical operation (he is well, he only loves to stress me ^^ ), so the space around me is having huge restyling, and i feel comfortable only trying to update my life in a touchable way.

My desk, where i study and work for my Etsy shop, is now at this point:

...but it will be modified. I want all the space i have on that desk, so some thing will be fired out ^^
By the way, this new setting is wonderful: i have the pc on the front (before it was on my right side, orrible for my shoulders) i have a lot of space, and i can craft better.

Another beautiful news: i received my VistaPrint order!! Two wonderful stamps, one for my recycled packages, and one with my address...i passed the morning stamping everything ^^

I feel like a true business woman ;)
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