Friday, 29 May 2009

Friday energy tip: unplug!

Welcome in my little attempt to achieve a better world for all of us ^^ Today i'll speak about unplugging.
Have you ever noticed that little red light when your tv is off? Well, that little stand by light needs energy to shine, so...why leaving it on? Imagine how much energy will be saved if all of human kind will shut down that little light!

But, let's make a step ahead.
A lot of out technologic things works with an energy transformer added on the wire: printers, charger for our cellular phone, pc, charger for the iPod, charger for the camera is that little (or giant, depends ^^ ) and highly-weighted box on the wire, or directly on the plug. Do you know how a transformer works? Well...

A transformer is made by 2 distinct circuits, wrapped around a holed piece of iron. Depending on the number of wrappings, the magnetic force generated by the first circuit will induce a current on the second circuit. When the pc in the image is off, the first circuit is on the contrary still running, because it is a closed circuit. There will be current, and there will be power...that power won't be used by the second circuit, so it is lost like heat: in fact, if you touch the transformer you'll feel it warm.

This is a huge waste of energy. Try to unplug all your transformers while you don't use them, or use power strips with switch, that allows you to constantly check if you are wasting energy or not ^^ Mother Earth and your wallet will thank you :)

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