Thursday, 7 May 2009

Finally a light box!

It's been for 3 months that i'm looking to make my personal light box and improve my photograph skills. Well, the skills are slowly improving, the light box is finally made.
Today, after a relaxing shower, i decided to continue my relax in front of my pc, then i saw the cardboard box of my chocolate Easter egg...mmmm...
After 15 minutes i had between my creative hands the finished light box! I also found the way to recycle a bakery sheet that i used in my experiment of fusing plastic bags (that went not well).
Here is the how to ^^

* the box of my Easter chocolate egg that otherwise my grandma would have thrown away;
* baking paper, that i used to fuse some plastic bags, and would have been a waste to throw away, but i could not use to cook something;
* scrap yarn;
* glue, not recycled, obviously;
* cutter.

You can also find this project on Cut out + keep and on Instructables :)
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