Monday, 25 May 2009

Aaaargh! Crashing analytics!

Poor me and my little Etsy shop...Lately i have been so busy that i can't even say "Goodmorning" on Twitter. My university thesis is sucking all my energies, and my last exams are doing the rest. I have to not to crochet till i can crochet saying "I have only one exam left!"
Today i saw the worst analytics i ever had XD

Luckly i have some crocheted pieces already done, and i'm reading this blog about how to make a blog: it's really interesting, and for the joy of my Google Analytics i want to share some tips i discovered there...

First, add a "Twit this post" button at the end of the blog post. Every reader of your blog will be able to tweet the link of your blog to their followers. There is the plugin that make this step automatic, but i have Disqus like "client" for my comments, and i had problems with the plugin. No fear! You can add a simple line of html code ^^
For example, this code:

<a href=" HERE YOUR TEXT + LINK TO THE BLOG POST, PUT %20 INSTEAD OF BLANK" target="n">Tweet this post!</a>

Then i learned to search through the links that i'm tweeting, to see if someone has retweeted them. You can take the subscription to the feed of your search to be constantly informed if someone has retweeted you ^^ In this manner you get an average number of people that has probably seen your link.

About the feed...i subscribed to twitterfeed: it will automatically update my tweets with my blog posts and my new item in Etsy. The beauty of all of this work (above all the lazyness underneath) is that it feeds my HelloTxt, that lets me update Twitter, Plurk, Tumblr, MySpace and Flickr with one click!

I also added my most recent photo at the top of the blog: i use a logo to brand my blog&shops, but i think that it will be fair for you if i let you see my face :) I promise i will update the photo every time i have a good one ^^

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