Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Yesterday i bought a shining corner punch...sellers in Terni don't even know if corner punch do exist, while in Perugia i found it in a bricolage shop ^^

You can see the punch and the wannabe business card...yes, i'll probably change it again XD I'm searching my style, i think is normal to change business card untill i find the best design. The last business card is beautiful: simple, professional and readable, but...it doesn't show my logo, and what i'm dealing in ^^ I can't include the photos of my amigurumi because my printer needs more cartridges, and also i want to be able to update the banner, and will be ugly to have the banner up to date and the business card not. Consider that i don't want to order my business card, i want to create it from the beginning to the punching.
So my thinking is to have a simple business card, with my logo and the colors i use, and stop ^^ What do you think about my business card? And you, how much time did you need to find your perfect style? Let me know, i'm curious! ^^
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