Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Organization time

Ok, i'm starting doing things seriously. Not because i can finally dedicate all my time in my craft activity, but just because i want to be more serious. Before to dream my shining future about my crafting-at-home work, i need to know if it is only a dream, or if i can really earn enough and not doing a day job.

First organization step: to do list.
Now, from monday till thursday i have my strategy planned: crafting during the day, and promoting during the night, different areas in different days.

Then, pimping my blog and shop: i asked a review of my shop from my fellows deviantARTists; i subscribed the blog to some blog directories; i subscribed to HelloTXT to manage my twitter/myspace/flickr/plurk/tumblr/blogger all-in-one; i subscribed to DISQUS to better manage the comments of the blog...whew, it's a lot of work! ...but i love it so much ;)

I'm also thinking about packaging...yes, i have always sold patterns, but i want to make tangible goods! The work is a bit slow (i have not so much time to produce lots and lots of crocheted items XD), but i love to send out my handmade goods. So, a question for all: how do you package your goods? Where do you find all the materials? I want my package to be cheap, but special!

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