Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My new strategy

This morning i woke up with an Etsy mail about SEO, and i spent all the day on Etsy, retagging items, rewriting titles and so on. Proud of my self, i viewed the hearts on my Irish yellow necklace, and i started to search into the favourites of the people who hearted me (luckly i have (yet ;) ) few hearts ).
First of all, i discovered to be the only one who use the irish leaves on a necklace (yeah!), but also that there are lots of similar items to mine, all in one profile's favourites!
I think that this little visit in someone else's favourite helped me to find out my rivalry, to give a look at their prices and designs just not to copy them and find my personal way. I can also "touch" my hearter tastes, and create something that fits not only my tastes.

I haven't ever thought about watching the favourites of who favourites me, i think i will start doing it frequently.
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