Wednesday, 25 March 2009

All frozen...

...but only till friday ^^
Why? parents bought a new camera! I'm truly exctited to try it but...i'm in Perugia, so far from home :( In the exact moment i'll return home, i'll go out to try the new camera. My old one...well, is very old, slow, and with a ridiculous display. The new one have 10 Megapixel, 3" display, only 2 battery, and is light weighted ^^ After i take confidence with it, i'll re-photograph all the items of my shops, trying to follow all the tips i read on internet: i also bought a photografy book written by a National Geographic's photographer.

I'm also writing my personal how-to, so i won't forget the tips ;) I'm writing about taking the photo and editing it with Gimp (but Photoshop has the same functions).

So, in this time of freeze, i'm writing a lot of tutorials...i also have a new pattern in mind, but it needs a long work.

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