Sunday, 14 December 2008


Sorry for delay in posting!!! I have too much thoughts in my little brain ^^ I have some news for you: first, i wrote a new pattern! It's the pattern for an hat that will be the Christmas present for my granpà...

...but the model in the photo is my father ^^
It is truly comfortable, the work front post/back post double crochet gives it elasticity and it's very warm!
The pattern is available through my Ravelry shop here.

Second news: i opened another blog, an italian blog dedicated on my last project...amigurumi made on characters of the GRVItalia campaign of Adunanza, a live action role playing association.
The blog is called "I pucciosi!" that can be translated with "The cute ones!" ^^ Only there you will see these amigurumi, and others that have already to come:

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