Tuesday, 2 December 2008

AmiLARP characters!

After a period of "silence" under the amigurumi work, i started to crochet the characters i see in GRVItalia campaign of Adunanza , a live action role playing game in a medieval-fantasy setting.

The first is...me, Kyla dei Tigrati ^^

I'm a cat woman. I use to braid my hair and to leave some out of the braid, to hide my real hears ^^ The white band around my chest is my Guild's symbol.

Then, i crocheted one of the Bad Boys of the campaign: this is Demetrius, a fallen angel

The pattern of the body is a personal discover, and i'm happy for the shape. This is also the first time i add the hair! (Only on Kyla, the poor Demetrius doesn't have hair ^^ )

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