Monday, 17 November 2008

A sunday's work

Saturday i went out for a walk with my boyfriend, and we paid a visit to the "wool's man"...Here in my city there is a wool shop owned by a man, and he knows a lot of things! For example, he explained me that the unit of measurement important on the skeins is the lenght! :O
My mother had told me for years that only the weight is important, and now i discovered the opposite! So, for example, i used 140 metres of wool to crochet my basketweave cowl, and now i know that with a 200 metres of skein i can crochet another cowl, while for the first i used 140 g, and the 200 metres skein is only 100 g! I LOVE that man ^^
So, i bought a 50 g - 135 metres of wool a little furry, and i passed the sunday near my fireplace, "watching" Pride and Prejudice and crocheting a cowl for my LARP costume...

I will play a match on December the 5th, and it will be very cold ^^
I used crossed triple crochet and double crochet, and on the back side i crocheted only single crochet. The color of the wool is not so good for me (i don't usually wear green), but is the best solution for a fantasy setting ;)

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