Friday, 21 November 2008

Hooked on snoods!

Wednesday afternoon i was zapping through the net, searching for something but nothing in particular, and suddenly i saw a snood.

Do you know what's a snood? A snood is a type of headgear, worn by women over their long hair. Between all the types of snood, i love the hairnet worn by Renaissance women ^^ So, i surfed internet, and i found the shop of LadyMacSnood and i saw all her beautiful snoods, i read her story...very charming!
...and if you read my story, you'll surely see that i have long hair...
The engines in my mind worked a lot, and then i came out with this!

This little snood (called "bun cover") will be used while i go playing role action live games.
I crocheted it with a space dyed cotton (bought this summer in Valencia ^^), and i added a lot of wood beads in 2 colors: cherry red and natural wood. I also braided a kumihimo cord to hold close it on my hair.
I LOVE this work: it appears a little precious thanks to the beads, it can stretch but not too much, the colors are perfect for my costume...i'm truly satisfied ^^
This afternoon i will go to the "wool's man" and buy a cotton skein to crochet a larger snood, that i can wear at home: sometimes my hair are a little annoying, so i think that with a snood i can solve all my problems ^^

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