Thursday, 9 October 2008

Autum a bag ^^

I called this bag "Autumn equinox"...

Pattern by Laughing purple goldifish designs!
Its colors evocate in my mind the colors of a forest in autumn. Where i live, i haven't this colors around me, so i search photos of the Canada in autumn, and i'm always surprised...My dream is to live my life not in Italy, but for now i don't have any idea of where i can live ^^
I want to make a journey through Sweden, because of its landscapes and its music culture. My name has swedish origins, so i feel to be a part of that place. Then, for now my dreams are about Sweden. But...i know i will never go and live in Sweden, nor in other places, just for cowardice.
So, it remains only to dream ^^ I crocheted a bag with colors i will never see looking out of my window...but secretly i have hope.

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