Friday, 26 September 2008

Bitten by a werehook!

Inga: Werewolf!
Dr. Frankenstein: Where wolf?
Igor: There.
Dr. Frankenstein: What?
Igor: There wolf. There castle.
(Frankestein Junior, by Mel Brools)

Well, now we can be serius ^^
In this period i'm crocheting a lot...oh, "a lot" in my point of view XD
All started with a hat, that i started to crochet because it is like an amigurumi: all single crochet in spirals. I don't take any photo, i'm sorry, but it's beacuse i've some temperature, and my face is horrible ^^
Then, i continued with the idea of a blanket: initially i wanted to crochet a lot of granny squares, then i wanted to crochet a net...and then i found the final idea: the star afghan!
So, my mother and i started to unravel an old sweater of mine: my mom knitted it a lot of years ago, but, while washing, it felted :(
So we are unravelling the wool and washing it with a lot of softening soap.

My peluche penguin has gently borrowed his face for me ^^

Then, for a friend i crocheted this little frog:

The original pattern is from Roman sock: her amigurumi are beautiful!

The last is a way to use some scraps in a useful way: my wallet is full of fidelity cards and business cards, so i crocheted a card holder. You don't have any idea of how much time this stupid thing took me to finish: time for changing threads, time to sew all the ends, time to search the buttons! But it was good: i was in my bed with nothing to do ^^

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