Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The show must go on!

Hi folks!

Oh, what about your holidays? I had a month with nothing to do ^^ Very relaxing! But in this period i continued my activity. I bought 2 new books about kumihimo: Samurai undressed by Jacqui Carey and the book on marudai by Makiko Tada (this is yet to come ^^).
I braided 2 new bracelets:

The first is for my beautiful boyfriend, braided with a cotton that we bought in our journey in Valencia. The second is for me ^^

Then, i've helped my mother to realize a slave bracelet: in the beginnig she wanted to make it with metal chain, then she realized it with crochet ^^ I braided the bracelet.

You can find it in my DaWanda shop, or you can order it directly to me with an email. Go check the auction to have more infos ;)

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